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The vikings arrive in France and begin constructing their base camp in full view of the citizens of Paris. Ragnar puts Floki in charge of the battle preparations, including finding a way to gain access to the city over the wall they've built. Inside the city, the population is in a panic. Emperor Charles announces that he will remain in the city and puts Count Odo in charge of the city's defenses. In Wessex meanwhile, King Ecbert tells Aethelwulf that he may have to overthrow King Aelle if he is to become king of all of England. Ecbert also casts his lustful eye on his daughter-in-law Judith. Aethewulf is sent to Mercia to ensure Queen Kwenthrith understands she is subjugated to Ecbert. She has something of a surprise for them. In Kattegat, Porunn asks Aslaug to care for her newborn son.

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Paris (2015)

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